The Authority composition


  • The Tunisian Authority Against Corruption is managed by a President, a Council and a general secretariat.

    It has also a prevention and investigation committee

    In addition to its president / chairman, the Council is composed by the following:

    - Seven members selected among high ranked officers representing control & checking, inspection and evaluation organs

    -Seven members selected among civil society organizations, professional bodies, and people known by their expertise in the domains covered by the Authority

    -A judiciary judge and a judge from the Court of Accounts

    -Two members representing the information and communication sector.

     The maximum number of members of the Council cannot exceed thirty
    The members of the Council of the Commission are appointed by decree on the proposal of the Government after consultation with the concerned parties.
    The failure to appoint one or more members of the Council shall not preclude its formation.
    The duration of the mandate of the Commission's Board is three years, renewable once

    The Prevention and Investigation Body is composed by the Chairman of the Authority, in addition to ten members appointed by a Governmental decree, under a proposition of the Government among experts recognized for their competence and integrity in fields like law, finance, fiscality, control of accounts, real estate affairs and other specialties related to the functions of the Authority

    The duration of the mandate of the President and of the members of the Prevention and Investigation Body is six years, with no possibility of extension. Half of its members are renewed every three years.